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Look, this is our employees. They are of all ages, the youngest - a little over twenty, the eldest - a little over fifty. This combination allows us to provide the continuity of knowledge and expertise in the company, where more experienced staff will always help and share knowledge with colleagues.

The system DEFA 150 people. Slightly less than half of our employees - women, slightly more than half that, accordingly, man. All our men are very gallant, always served a helping hand to female employees. However, in the professional sphere, women and men have an equal. All are valued at the same criteria and preferences we have.

Our company has a family roots, we have our own tradition. For example, sometimes at the end of the working week we are going to close the circle, and our CEO prepares us to exotic fish and not only. We have a football team, a group of fans of billiards, skiing, our jazz band looking for a singer or a singer.

We - ambitious, active, growing company that is not in place, and responds to the challenges of the modern world. We understand that the key success factor for us are our employees.

What we look for? Young, energetic, active, aggressive in the good, preferring challenges and interested in professional growth, ready to receive new knowledge and experience, and to achieve concrete results.

It is important for us to ask the right questions and understand our partners and their needs, so we seek to cooperate in order to have long-term, reliable and mutually beneficial collaboration, and do not hesitate to acknowledge and correct our mistakes.

We treat talented workers carefully in our company. Nearly two-thirds of our colleagues have been working with us for over five years, and every tenth employee has been working from the very foundation of the company, while one third of the entire staff is our newcomers, who share our values and are rapidly becoming a part of our friendly team.

Unlocking the potential of the team and the potential of each individual is the most important task for our company.

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