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2015 could be reputed as a difficult year, from the point of view of both macroeconomic indicators and industrial changes.

However, despite the most difficult challenges faced, the company managed not only to maintain the turnover in real terms on the previous year's level, but significantly increase market share in imports and especially in key import positions.

The company has set itself the task of making some major improvements in the efficiency of internal and external processes, anticipating a difficult situation in the economic environment in early 2015, which resulted in tightening credit policy and the reduction in accounts receivable together with the product portfolio and inventory optimization. By the aid of this work, The Company, together with its own branches and regional offices has been able to strengthen its position in the domestic market and the intention to maintain a direct presence in the regions.

For the external market - its Suppliers - DEFA remains the largest company and a reliable partner meeting its commitments and performing at the highest professional level.

For the domestic market and in order to strengthen relationships with Customers, the Company continues to implement tools that qualitatively influence work with partners in sales. A Loyalty Program called "Partnership with DEFA leads to Success", which helped to develop business performance within client companies was developed in 2015.

In 2016, the Company aims to gradually develop the direction of the Finished products: starting with processed products together with its own brands FISHKA and Fish&More.

This turned into a new focus on the final consumers, and direct communication with them. This desire originated in order to encourage consumers to constantly choose our product, providing the commitment and long-term collaboration; we also aim at creating a culture of fish dish consumption and make fish and seafood a constant part of people's diet at the macro level.

2015 and the beginning of the 2016 results

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