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DEFA is a reliable partner and supplier of fish and seafood

We make fish and seafood of high quality available to everyone

DEFA is an established industry leader in importing key groups of fish and seafood

Our products
are subjects of our great love and pride

Our values

DEFA's people represent a cornerstone of our success
Responsibility and integrity make the foundation of our business
Leadership is our work principle
Innovation is our development formula
Passion is our life style
  • Our mission

    To create a culture of fish and seafood consumption.

    To disclose to consumers the new flavors of the sea and the ocean – the taste of delight and freedom!

    We know that with our help, a wide range of fish and seafood becomes available to the end-buyer, it develops taste and enriches the diet.

  • DEFA's World

    Denis Repinsky, President of DEFA Group:

    "For more than 20 years, DEFA's team has been working to ensure that only high-quality fish and seafood are served to consumers. Throughout this time, we create interesting products, continuously introduce digital technologies into production, sales, logistics, and service, and we are proud of what we do! The modern market demand is consistent high quality of the products and services, and I am sure that DEFA meets this 100%".

    Main activity areas of the company

    Import of fish and seafood

    of fish and seafood

    Defa Fishing – Northern prawn fishing

    the manufacture of products
    under our own brand

    Deliveries to federal chains and HoReCa

    The company's success is ensured by:

    DEFA Group

    A product we are proud of

    DEFA Group

    Long-term partnerships with leading fish and seafood suppliers

    DEFA Group

    Innovations in business processes, sales, and logistics

    DEFA Group

    More than 90% of loyal customers who buy fish from us every year

    We have undeniable advantages, which we have developed for more than 25 years of work:

    DEFA Group High level of competence in importing fish and seafood: salmon, white fish, pelagic fish, fillet, seafood

    DEFA Group Stable financial position and stable business growth every year

    DEFA Group Reputation of a reliable partner and supplier both in the Russian and world fish markets

    DEFA Group Focus on long-term relationships with employees, partners, and consumers

    DEFA Group Dynamic and flexible approach to business and solving work tasks

    DEFA Group Pride in our products and team

    DEFA Group Wide branch network

  • DEFA's People

    DEFA's people are a friendly team of like-minded people and professionals! We are:

    DEFA Group ambitious, passionate about our business and we do it with professional enthusiasm;

    DEFA Group we have thoroughly studied what we do and are proud of our expertise and products;

    DEFA Group we treat our clients and partners with respect, and are always focused on meeting their needs;

    DEFA Group we are strict about fulfilling our obligations;

    DEFA Group we look for long-term, reliable and mutually beneficial cooperation.

    Our team comprises more than 150 people in 8 Russian cities.

    Almost two-thirds of our colleagues have been with us for more than five years, and one in ten have been with us since the company was founded.

    Let's look at what our team says about us:

  • Awards

  • DEFA's Way

    The DEFA company has been on the market for more than 25 years