Everyone fishes in their own way

I am not the Atlas but the whole thing is on my shoulders

Job is not black-and-white

Our job is not glamorous but so romantic

Career at DEFA


We are a dynamic, progressive team of professionals, which does not stand still, but responds to all the challenges of the modern world. We understand that our employees are the key to our success, and we care about everyone, because we believe that work should bring pleasure!

Our team employs more than 150 people in 8 cities of Russia. The youngest of us are in their early twenties, the oldest are in their early sixties. This combination allows us to ensure the continuity of knowledge and findings in our company where the experienced employees always help and share knowledge with their younger colleagues.

We develop respect for both external and internal clients. An important thing for us is to ask the right questions and understand our partners and their needs. We strive for cooperation that would be long-term, reliable and mutually beneficial. We are not afraid to recognize and correct our mistakes.

We respect talent. Almost two-thirds of our colleagues have been working with us for more than five years, and every tenth person has been working almost since the founding of the company. A third of our colleagues are new employees who share our values and very quickly become a part of our friendly team. Our company has a family background and our own traditions.

We have our hockey and football teams, fan groups of billiards, cycling, and skiing. We all like travelling and, definitely, we all love fish!

Currently, the most important tasks for us are as follows:


Are you an energetic, ambitious person? Do you like challenges, are you ready for training and development, lead a healthy lifestyle and strive for success? Do you want to gain new knowledge and experience, as well as achieve specific results? Join our team of like-minded people and discover a world called DEFA.