Our branches


Head office: 197374, Russia, Saint Petersburg, Savushkina str., h. 126, "A", Business Centre "Atlantic City" +7(800)505-45-80

Warehouse No.1: "Exclusive" warehouse, settlement of Shushary, Moskovskoye highway, house 177, "K"

Warehouse No.2: "Morozko" warehouse complex, Leningrad region, Vsevolozhsky district, settlement of Kovalevo, Poperechnaya str., house 15

Warehouse No.3: "Homa" warehouse, Volkhonskoe highway, house 33, the territory of the Southern part of the Gorelovo production area

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Office: Mira Prospect, 102, build. 25, Business Centre "Park Mira"

Warehouse No.1: Domodedovo, Kashirskoye highway, 2, room 204, 206. “PFK BIN” Complex

Warehouse No.2: "ART LOGISTIC" cold storage warehouse, Moscow region, Domodedovsky district, settlement of Yam, "Moscow-Don" federal highway M-4, 32 km (12 km from Moscow Ring Road)

Warehouse No.3: Moscow region, Bronnitsy, Brick passage, 10, PIER warehouse

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Office: 630088, Severny proezd, 4

Warehouse: 630088, Severny proezd, 4




Office: 620050, Montazhnikov str., 22A, «Polyaris» cold storage facility

Warehouse No.1: 620050, Montazhnikov str., 22A, «Polyaris» cold storage facility, storage room No. 2

Warehouse No.2: Novosverdlovskaya CHP, «Fregat» cold-storage terminal




Office: Maltseva proezd, house 22/1, office No.13

Warehouse: Maltseva proezd, house 22/1, «Samara-Ice» cold storage facility No. 1




Office: Adygeya Republic, Teuchezhsky district, Aul of Tugurgoy, Promyshlennaya str., house 8