DEFA Fishing

What is DEFA Fishing?

Defa Fishing
- Own vessel
- Own shrimp fishing
- Own shrimp production

Shrimp Fishing

DEFA Fishing Company belongs to the group of DEFA companies and has its own "Arctic Lion" vessel.

This vessel has a Euronumber and HACCP certificate. It was among the first to work according to EAC technical regulation. It is an ice-class vessel and has the possibility to fish further North than common trawlers, for instance in the region of Spitzbergen (FAO fishing area 27)

DEFA Fishing – shrimp fishing

Fishing area

Карта вылова креветок ДЕФА Фишинг в Баренцовом море

All-natural Food

We do not use food additives, food colouring or flavour enhancers. You will get all-natural food from the Arctic Ocean! Frozen cooked shrimps produced by DEFA Fishing are ready for eating without any additional cooking!

Production and packaging

Both frozen raw and frozen cooked shrimps, Pandalus Borealis, are produced on board. The shrimps are frozen at -21 degrees C. Fresh shrimps are cooked. The processing takes 3-5 hours from the moment of capture. The entire process takes 30-35 minutes from the moment the shrimps arrive at sorting until the ready packed product is placed into the hold.

To achieve and maintain optimal taste two different cooking modes have been developed for large and small shrimps. Frozen raw shrimp is packed in a sandwich bags weighing about 20 kg. Bulk Frozen cooked shrimp is automatically packed in boxes weighing 5 kg (a plastic bag is placed in each box first).


The shelf life of cooked shrimps frozen at a temperature not exceeding minus 18 degrees is no more than 12 months from the date of manufacture.

When storing at minus 25 degrees, the shelf life is extended to 24 months without loss of market quality and edibility characteristics.

The manufacturer guarantees the product safety and compliance with the requirements set out in Technical Standards (TU) 10.20.30-184-00472093-2017, while adhering to storage and transportation conditions.

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