Fresh fish and seafood
for restaurants, cafes,
hotels and catering

Demanded assortment and up-to-date novelty products
Regular deliveries and consistent high quality
Deferred payment
EDF – electronic document flow
Veterinary certificates timely formed with Mercury automatic system

We provide fish and seafood to:


Constant stock
of core products

Major fish and seafood groups importer No. 1 in Russia

Importers of Salmon

DEFA HoReCa Importers of Salmon

Importers of Pelagic Fish

DEFA HoReCa Importers of Pelagic Fish
  • Constant stock of core products;
  • Possibility to supply imported products according to customer specifications using direct-route container of imported fish and seafood. Efficient response as requested by the partner;
  • Possibility to supply both frozen and chilled Atlantic salmon, sea bass and dorada. Possibility to choose an Atlantic salmon factory in Chile;
  • Information support;
  • Delivery to the client's warehouse, the possibility of additional loading of small shipments from warehouses in St. Petersburg, Moscow, DEFA Group branches in Yekaterinburg, Samara, Krasnodar, Crimea, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk;
  • Custom-built products from frozen, salted, smoked salmonids (fillet, steak, units);
  • Possibility of training partner's sales staff, technical support for master classes.


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DEFA Group:

17 importing countries

Products from different countries on favorable terms

250+ items

High quality traditional and exotic fish and seafood

2 own brands

Fish&More and Fishka

8 DEFA branches in the country

Safe logistics, compliance with temperature requirements

Exclusively at DEFA GROUP

DEFA company has its own "Arctic Lion" vessel that was among the first to work according to EAC technical regulation. It is an ice-class vessel and has the possibility to fish further north than common trawlers, for instance in the region of Spitzbergen (FAO fishing area 27). Both frozen raw and frozen cooked shrimps, Pandalus Borealis, are produced on board.

Exclusively for the Russian market, chilled salmon and premium quality fillets from Chilean Patagonia. Chilean salmon from Patagonia is considered to be a premium quality fish on the world market due to its "environmental friendliness". Located in the corner of the World, among the mountains, fjords and rivers, the nature in Chilean Patagonia is an impressive sight in all its glory, with exceptional characteristics for salmon farming.

Benefits of the DEFA Group at HoReCa

Wide variety of HoReCa products

  • Salmon and white fish;
  • Fillet of salmon and white fish;
  • Eel;
  • Seafood: mussels, sea mix;
  • Shrimps: Northern shrimps, Vannamei, Argentine shrimp;
  • Value-added products: breaded shrimp, shrimp skewers, etc.

DEFA GROUP partners in HoReCa

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