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The DEFA company – fish and seafood wholesale

The largest fish and seafood wholesaler


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Pelagic Fish

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Fresh fish and seafood
for hotels, restaurants,
cafes, catering

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Warehouse: over 100 items!

DEFA company has in its disposition one of the largest and most modern warehouses for fish and seafood storage

Over 100 items are always available!
We know that with our help a wide range of fish and seafood becomes available to the end-buyer, it develops taste and enriches the diet.
We have 8 warehouses and representative offices in Russia

DEFA is a reliable partner and supplier in the Russian fish market

More than 25 years in the market

Defa Group
Team of professionals

We are a dynamic, progressive team of professionals, which does not stand still, but responds to all the challenges of the modern world. We understand that our employees are the key to our success, and we take care of everyone, because we believe that work should bring pleasure!

We are always ahead of the game

DEFA is a dynamic and progressive team of professionals


Smart logistics is the key to business success. Our goal is to deliver the product to the customer in a timely manner, safe and sound. We are responsible for the entire logistic process


Effective communication is one of the key points of building a successful business. Friendly relations and well-established communication with customers give us the opportunity to offer the market exactly what it needs


Respect for the client is a combination of trust and perseverance. We always defend the interests of our partners and are open to long-term mutually beneficial cooperation


The loyalty program is the most important experience in the industry, a new qualitative level of forming long-term strong relationships with our respected Partners throughout the country

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